Career’s New Opportunities Day. Vilafranca 11/28/15

Last November the 27th our Partner Founder, Romà Andreu, opened the New Career Opprotunities Day organised  by The Economic Promotion Office of Vilafranca del Pènedes, the capital of the most important wine production region in Catalonia well know for its D.O. Pènedes, and coordinated by Notus.

Romà’s opening speech, “Solid values for a liquid world”, highlighted that personal values are critical to keep focus amidst an uncertain world to guide our professional life. Romà explained the concept “Liquid World” introduced by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, its impact in the professional environment and how to rely in “Solid Values” as a decision-making system. He showed examples in which values are a cornerstone  of their value proposition and business strategy. He explained projects led by people we admire:

And some other from larger businesses:

We were very delighted to be invited to this event in which several people and organisations shared their experiences and views about working abroad, telecommuting and entrepreneurship.

Personal values are critical to keep focus amidst an uncertain world.

Romà also explained our company’s experience accompanying entrepreneurs with our acceleration program, The Business-Lab, we have been developing for the last 2 years and now we are happy to announce the international version based in Barcelona with antennas in several several cities, TheGlobalBizzLab. From that experience Romà wanted to clarify some myths around entrepreneurship, what are the most effective attitudes and skills and 5 reasons to become an entrepreneur and 5 not to even try it.

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